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June 6, 2021

Power your productivity with the ultra-thin Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Laptop

Review of the smart, ultra-thin Samsung Galaxy Book Pro laptop.
Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Laptop

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Laptop

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Key Specification and Availability 

Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7
Intel® Core™ i7-1165G7


8GB LPDDR4x   
16GB LPDDR4x   

13.3 inch
15.6 inch


21 hrs on 13.3”
20 hrs on 15.6”


mystic blue Mystic Blue
mystic silver Mystic Silver

Status     Available

Price  From $1099.99
(With eligible trade-in from Samsung store at $499.99) Subject to change

When it is the 21st century, the era of evolving digitalization, you cannot think of a day without advanced electronic gadgets like smartphones and laptops. Whether you are an office person or a student, a laptop eases your tasks. But to enjoy the maximum benefits, you must buy the best laptop that meets your requirements. Here, we present a detailed review of the smart, ultra-thin Samsung Galaxy Book Pro laptop.

With its exceptional features, it has won the hearts of many. So, let’s know what is there in it.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

PC power that’s smartphone thin. Our lightest Galaxy Book yet gives you a powerful Intel® 11th Gen Core™ processor, Intel® Evo™ certification, an advanced AMOLED screen and comes equipped with our latest wi-fi chip. Finish important projects, download huge files fast or watch movies in brilliant color. Discover the perfect mix of portability and productivity.

– Samsung

The sleek, lightweight device comes in two variants 13.3″ or 15.6″, and with a state-of-the-art Intel® 11th Gen Core™ processor. Advanced AMOLED screen and the latest technology of Wi-Fi chip make it one-of-its-kind.

In addition, the Intel® Evo™ certification ensures its reliability as an electronic device.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro – Official Video

Extended Battery life and Fast Charging

galaxy book pro battery


With up to 21 hours on a fully charged battery, be productive and play throughout the entire day. Schedule even heavier? Our smallest, lightest charger yet won’t weigh you down and works with all your Galaxy devices, so you get restored super-fast


The device goes for long times without interruption on a fully charged battery. The battery life for Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 13 is 21 hours, and for Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 15 is 20 hours. Isn’t it amazing?

Along with this, it comes with a super-fast charger facility. So, stay productive throughout the day without any hassle.

Sleek and Ultra-thin Design

samsung galaxy pro slim design

Do more on the move with a PC that’s less than 2 pounds and smartphone-thin


This lightweight laptop is popular for its sleek design. You can easily carry this anywhere you go. In addition, the stylish dual-color design puts it a cut above the rest.

Fast and Smooth workflow

galaxy book pro battery

Go at blinding fast speeds with the latest 11th Gen Core processor


Do all your diverse chores quickly without any interruption with this laptop. Be it professional meetings, or watching movies, playing video games you can easily do it at once.

Switch from professional video conference to personal chat with the efficient Galaxy Bud Pro. Also, Quick Share lets you share your files instantly.

Moreover, it offers up to 512 GB of storage. You can also connect a second monitor to it and enjoy better visuals.

Perfect View with AMOLED Screen

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Mystic Silver
Watch even in direct sunlight with unbelievable brilliance and 120% color volume


You can enjoy a broad cinematic view with the first 13.3” or 15.6” AMOLED screen. Buy the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and get ready to be mesmerized by the excellent visual on the screen

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Mystic Blue

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro – Mystic Blue

Professional Tools

With your advanced tools and techniques through this machine, you can shine in your professional life. From last-minute office meetings to vital PowerPoint presentations, you can always leave a great impression.

Use background noise removal and many other enhanced features to make your performance better.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro: The Pricing and Offers

The price for the device starts from $449.99 with eligible trade-in and Samsung Financing you can also pay $9.38/mo for 48 months, it can vary if you buy it from the Microsoft store or other sources.

With this Samsung Galaxy Book Pro laptop, you can get access to 15 months of Microsoft 365 at the price of 12.  Plus, you can save up to 20% on Performance Guard when you add both Microsoft 365 and performance guard.

In addition, you can get two years of accidental coverage and necessary technical support with the Performance Guard.

Microsoft also offers special pricing for eligible students, teachers, military personnel, and parents for this laptop. Check your eligibility (Might not be available in your country).

So, got all the details? What are you waiting for? Go and grab your Samsung Galaxy Book Pro now before the offer ends.

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